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A Well Organized Van

Updated: Feb 3

A well organized van is essential as most van conversions don't allow for a lot of extra storage. Therefore, every square inch of space needs to be carefully planned and organized to get the most out of #vanlife. Here are my best ideas for organizing your van!

I love this between the seat organizer for trucks and vans. It fits perfectly between the seats of my 2020 Pro Master van when collapsed into two compartments. Although you do have to step over it to get into the back. You could just slide it into the cab while driving. It has 4 sections, including an insulated cooler.

These car headrest hooks are the best for hanging things behind the van seats! I used them to hold my day pack and my shower backpack. My shower backpack contains everything I need to take a shower so I can just grab and go!

This adjustable support handle isn't for van organization, but I'm including because it does the trick when you don't have a running board! Mine is just above the van slider, but you could also attach it to the headrest next to the slider. I also have a pack of these tie down straps which work for all kinds of things and the quality is excellent.

I didn't end up using this bedside organizer due to the way my bed was built, but I'm still including it. It was really well made. If your bed is built in a way that allows the organizer to rest on the side of your bed, I highly recommend this.

You'll want to get a couple of these mesh pocket nets made for cars and trucks; however, the stick on attachments are not strong enough. They do come with mounting screws, too. I bought these super strong magnets from Ace Hardware to secure the nets onto the inside of my slider door. You might think about putting them on the underside of your countertop.

I installed this board behind my van seats for an easy place to tie down loose items. I attached it to the horizontal metal bar under the back of the seat using a u-bolt.

Every van needs one of these backseat van organizers! I like this one better than the one I purchased as you can see the contents more easily.

My bamboo dinnerware set is perfect for one person... lightweight and easy to clean. I also have this flatware set which comes with a mesh bag and container you can use for other things. These are perfect for your tiny van kitchen.

My Simple Modern 64oz widemouth flask is great for refilling my Travel Berkey water purifier. Plus they come in many colors to match your van decor.

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