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As I write, Homer is velcroed to my lap. He's a little 6 pound Chihuahua, and, little does he know, his boring little existence is about to explode! 

I'm Rebecca, the author, and either a tenacious hot mess or just another human trying to make sense of it all. I'll let you decide. But first, put on your seatbelt while I share a little bit about myself.  


It all started out a bit dismally... as a therapist once said, "I'm surprised you're not hiding behind trees with what you went through." (Sorry, Mom. I love you, but I’m getting real here.) Let's just say, I wasn't given the training & manual most get before they leave the nest. However, somehow, I managed. 

I started out on a traditional path (kind of). Went to college to study voice performance & education, married my college sweetheart, bought a house, and taught as a schoolteacher. But quickly I realized something was missing. I often said, "Something big is supposed to happen." I just didn't know what it was and knew I had to find it. So, I quit teaching and studied voice performance, again. My dream was to make a living as the "Queen of the Night" in productions of Die Zauberflöte. You see, as a dramatic coloratura soprano, playing that one role was all you needed to be fully employed & well paid. With a full scholarship, some of the best voice teachers the southeast had to offer, performances and recitals, I thrived. However, things went a bit south on the home front and living with an alcoholic didn't feel secure and healthy enough for me, opera or not. So, I left the husband I loved dearly and gave up on my dream. And that was that.


About a year later, I met an Englishman, fell madly in love a second time, lived on the beach while working as a "shot girl," backpacked throughout Southeast Asia and eventually followed the Englishman to Singapore where my traveling spirit developed.

Life in Singapore was exciting and transformative. The culture shock quickly wore off, and I assimilated, parading around in cute little dresses, dining in fine restaurants, and attending glorious parties. Singapore was mostly glamorous, but sweaty, too, only 85 miles north of the equator. However, after the first year, the Englishman cheated on me, and I spiraled into my first depression. After all, I kind of sort of moved there because of him. In the year that followed, I exhausted all the excitement the place held for me and the odds of running into my ex with his tight-gripped eye candy in tow were just too great in a tiny city-state like Singapore, so it was time to move on to the next chapter.


Having read in a publication that Seattle was one of the best cities in the United States, it seemed like a good place to anchor. After all, I was now a traveler. So, I moved to Seattle. Having never visited the city before the move made it even more exhilarating, while acclimating and thriving in a new city was something to attain, and I tend to flourish in challenging situations. Seattle not only proved to be a great choice despite the grey skies, but a couple decades later into present times, it continues to deliver! As a Seattleite, I bought a plethora of hooded coats and learned to cherish every hour of sun the skies supplied. After a series of ups and downs on the love front, more travel to exotic places, a brief move overseas, a few careers, and a house of my own, I realized I could manage a bit of domestication. Singing was replaced with dance, and I became fully immersed in my craft, performing, producing shows, competing and teaching. Then, COVID19 arrived.

"Until, one winter day, a sly wind blew in from the North..." ~ Chocolat, Miramax 2000 

I was already on a year hiatus from producing shows for the dance company, and I was working in a temporary position. I should have been terrified about an uncertain future and "almost" solitary confinement, but I wasn't. You see, COVID isolation became my new subject, my new challenge. I learned that I wasn’t as extroverted as I had once thought. I began to crave the endless hours lying underneath the trees and Netflix nights tucked in bed with my dog Homer. Somehow, I managed to train my high energy self to sit in silence. As COVID dragged on, however, it was time for me to start a new chapter… van life!

After a ton of research, I bought a van! The plan is to to live in my van for 2+ months over the summer, plus smaller vacations and weekend getaways. If I absolutely love it, who knows what might be next! 

So, am I still waiting for that "something big" to happen? I haven't felt those thoughts for a few years now and feel more solid as one usually does with time, so I'm not sure.

A long bio, yes, but hopefully it gives you some perspective on who I am and why I chose this as my next chapter. And, I hope my blog will inspire you to follow your dreams, too.


​You’ll notice there are a few sections to the blog and hopefully at least one of those is of interest to you. I’d love to hear from you, so please send me your comments and questions! 

PS: Since composing this bio, I started living in my van full time! 


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